Social Studies

May 9th, 2019

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-Review for open-notes test on 5/17

May 8th, 2019

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-Read pages 842-847 in text. For a quiz grade, using information from the chapter, write a brief essay describing how the prosperous economy of the Eisenhower years changed American society. (Due Tuesday)

World War II Test Study Guide

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Please review for test on Monday 4/15

Monday, April 8th

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-Complete World War II Propaganda Poster Analysis Sheet (Due Wednesday)

Thursday, March 28th

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-Listen to the song "Brother Can Ya Spare a Dime"? by Bing Crosby, and complete the questions on the Song Analysis Sheet (On Google Classroom). (Due Monday)

Friday, March 22nd

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-Individually write 2-3 paragraph letter to Mrs. Roosevelt from the point of view of an 8th grader living during the time of the Great Depression (Quiz Grade)

Wednesday, March 20th

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Page 755 #1-6

Second Trimester Research Project Rubric

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Please review attached...

Second Trimester Research Paper

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As a means to better prepare the 8th graders for high school, students will be researching a person, place, event, invention, or issue of their choice from the Roaring 20's. Concepts will be covered in class. Please be advised that this will count as a test grade for the second trimester.

Here is a timeline detailing when each portion of the project is due, and what is expected of students:

2/25: Review rubric for project as a class and ask questions (Reserve Chromebooks as a class to begin researching a topic)

Due 2/26: Students will select a person, place, invention, issue, or event to research from the Roaring Twenties. (Each student must choose a different topic).

Due 2/28: Students will develop a thesis statement on an index card and submit for approval

Due 3/4: Students will bring in a list of at least 2-3 credible sources (No Wikipedia). At least one book and one online source.

Due 3/6: Works Cited pages due

Friday 3/8 : Research papers are due. Students will begin presentations.

Unit 5 Study Guide

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Please see attached...

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